How to Reset iPhone 6s Without iTunes

How to Reset iPhone 6s Without iTunes – Resetting iPhone is something that sometimes we have to do. Before talking about methods on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes, here’s some reason why reset the device is needed:

  • A device is running into a glitch, such as a random crash, screen freeze, reboot loop (stuck on Apple logo), system error, and many more.
  • Disabled to open the device.
  • Some function doesn’t work properly.
  • When the device is attacked by virus or (we believe) someone’s spying.
  • Going to sell the device, so it needs to be back to the factory default.
  • Just want to reset it.

Those reasons above are what usually happens, but there may be any other reason and we just have to reset it. Below are 5 famous methods to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes:

1. Using the iPhone Setting

The first method on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes is the most preferable, as it utilizes the phone setting. Open the Setting menu on the device, tap General then tap Reset. There are several options in this reset menu, like:

• Resetting to its default or factory setting by Reset All Setting.
• Completely wipe out all the data and setting in the device by Erase All Content Setting.
• Only reset the network setting (such Wi-Fi password) by Reset All Network Setting.

2. Using iCloud

Another easy efficient way to reset the iPhone 6s is by using iCloud. The method required iCloud sync and backup setup. Go to through other device and log in into your Apple ID. There will be All Devices menu on top on the window and select the intended device. Then, click ‘erase’ device and only to restore from the backup if needed.

3. Using Tenorshare 4uKey

The software is said to be the best on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes. First thing first, the iPhone has to be connected to the computer (Windows or Mac) and remove the password. Second, the matching firmware package has to be downloaded. Last, follow the directory and the program will start to turn the iPhone to its Factory Reset.

4. Using Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner

This version from Tenorshare is recommended to fully erase the data, which can’t be restored by any means. The first step, install the program in the computer (Windows or Mac), launch it then choose full data eraser. Second, type ‘delete’ to confirm the full erase command before the program runs to reset the device.

5. Using iMyFone

The software is another way on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes. iMyFone can be running in Windows or Mac which is safe and untraceable. Once it installed, follow the direction and only choose the exact files that intended to be deleted. Look at the preview to ensure, the reset only to delete those files without touching the others.

Every method on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes always recommends to stores a backup data first. Resetting the device will erase everything, including messages, media, apps – in short turn the iPhone 6s to a new one. Either put a backup on iTunes or iCloud, it’s optional as long as the data is stored. Usually, there are things that some people don’t like that are updates, with the update making the required storage space bigger, this can be overcome by How to Delete Updates On iPhone.

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