How to Mute Windows with Some Simple Options

How to Mute Windows with Some Simple Options – Not many people would have considered learning the way of how to mute Windows, but if you have been using Windows for so long, aren’t you curious? Windows has its own audio playback device that defaults to the system. It is the device used to play or outplay sound. When you connect your system to headphones, speakers, Bluetooth headset, or others, you can choose which one you want to have or use.

How to Mute Windows with Some Simple Options

Of course, you can always make adjustments to the volume level. However, some people just want to mute it (and then unmute it again) without having to adjust the volume level again and again. It’s a good thing that there are actually plenty of ways to do this. So, you basically can choose the most suitable or preferred way among these options.

How to Mute Windows

1. Keyboard Usage

If you see the keyboard, you should be able to see the mute icon. You only need to press it to mute, and then press it again to unmute. Each manufacturer has a different icon, but in general, it looks like an icon of a speaker that is crossed. Or an icon of a speaker with no sound sign next to it.

2. Taskbar – Volume Icon

Mute taskbar in windows

Another option on how to mute Windows is to access the Taskbar. You should check the left bottom side of the monitor and see the Volume icon. Click on it and then tap the icon to mute it. Once it is muted, there will be an x sign next to the icon. If you want to unmute it, just tap on it again.

3. Volume Mixer

Volume Mixer

You need to access Volume Mixer to mute it. Again, choose the Volume icon (on the Taskbar) and right-click on it. There will be several options, and Open Volume Mixer would be one of them. Just click on it. Then just click on the icon of the apps or devices to mute them. Tap it again to unmute. Keep in mind that when you mute the default device, you make it all mute (by default). Pretty simple, right?

4. Game Bar

To do this, you need to press keys G and Win all at once to open the Game Bar. You will see Audio overlay. You can click on the Volume icon of the apps and devices to mute them. Again, it’s super easy – just choosing and tapping, basically!

5. Settings

You can always open Settings and then choose the icon System. Click on the option Sound (should be found on the left section). If you only have 1 sound output device, just tap it to mute (and unmute it). But if you have several devices, you will see a drop-down menu and the option Choose your output device. Then choose the one that you want to mute.

6. Advanced Sound Options

This one requires you to manage it in the Setting. Open Setting again, and then choose System. Choose Sound, and you will see Advanced Sound Options. Underneath it, you can see App Volume and Device Preferences. Click on it. Just tap the icon to mute (and unmute) it. In other settings, you can also fix windows slow internet or fix windows 10 update problems.

As you can see, there are so many different alternatives on how to mute Windows – simply choose one that you are most comfortable with.

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