5 Best Computer Keyboard for Portable Use

5 Best Computer Keyboard for Portable Use – When we are talking about the best computer keyboard, the options can be limitless. Of course, it is nice to have plenty of options, but it can also be overwhelming because there are so many of them out there. That’s why there are some candidates that you can consider – along with each of their strengths and flaws. So, what are your options?

Best Computer Keyboard for Portable Use

1. Logitech K780

Logitech K780

If you need flexible and efficient portability, this keyboard would be the right one for you. Rest assured that it is compatible with all kinds of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even PCs. You need two batteries to keep it running, but it is long-lasting – and you won’t have to replace those batteries for approximately 2 years. From design, it has a nice and artistic retro-looking feel. And you can really enjoy the flexible arrangement without having to do a lot of tethering.

2. Das Prime 13

This is a flexible device that can be used for both gaming and typing. It may not suit gamers’ aesthetic, but it does offer a solid and nice all-round experience. When you have this one, you will enjoy all the great perks and easiness. It is an effective mechanical keyboard that will improve your gaming experience as well as your professional performance.

Das Prime 13

The keyboard has a minimalistic feel and look – which can be boring. But if you like simplicity and the fuss-free arrangement, you will enjoy the white and simple backlight feature along with the clean and crisp lines (on the side) and the media key indicators. Because of the arrangement, it is just perfect for an office or home environment.

3. Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

As one of the best computer keyboards in the market, this one is just a perfect accessory for your professional and business needs. It is comfortable and light. And the overall design and construction are just classy and elegant. Other things to like about this device are its ability to support Bluetooth 4.0 system, the convenient typing easiness, and the impressive battery life. This is definitely a perfect accessory for office workers. With the wireless capability, the keyboard runs on battery life – up to 12 months (a year). In general, the portability and lightweight design are just nice. And you can pair it up with other operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and macOS.

4. Dell Wired Black Keyboard

Dell Wired Black Keyboard

It’s a membrane key type without any batteries or whatsoever. It supports a full number pad, multimedia keys, and impressive connection. The keyboard has a nice reliable feel to it and it is quite easy to setup. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any wireless option and the design is pretty so-so. But when it comes to performance, you don’t need to doubt its quality and performance. It is an affordable device with great practicality and usability.

5. 2.4G Arteck Wireless Keyboard

2.4G Arteck Wireless Keyboard

This one comes with a rechargeable and built-in batteries. Despite the metallic design, it is lightweight and yet also solid at the same time. It is also compatible with other types of devices. But the operational hour is pretty short – at least when compared to other devices. It doesn’t support Bluetooth either, which is a shame, really. But if you want a reliable device that can last for good, you are looking at the right stuff.

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