How to Reset iPhone 6s Without iTunes

How to Reset iPhone 6s Without iTunes – Resetting iPhone is something that sometimes we have to do. Before talking about methods on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes, here’s some reason why reset the device is needed:

  • A device is running into a glitch, such as a random crash, screen freeze, reboot loop (stuck on Apple logo), system error, and many more.
  • Disabled to open the device.
  • Some function doesn’t work properly.
  • When the device is attacked by virus or (we believe) someone’s spying.
  • Going to sell the device, so it needs to be back to the factory default.
  • Just want to reset it.

Those reasons above are what usually happens, but there may be any other reason and we just have to reset it. Below are 5 famous methods to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes:

1. Using the iPhone Setting

The first method on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes is the most preferable, as it utilizes the phone setting. Open the Setting menu on the device, tap General then tap Reset. There are several options in this reset menu, like:

• Resetting to its default or factory setting by Reset All Setting.
• Completely wipe out all the data and setting in the device by Erase All Content Setting.
• Only reset the network setting (such Wi-Fi password) by Reset All Network Setting.

2. Using iCloud

Another easy efficient way to reset the iPhone 6s is by using iCloud. The method required iCloud sync and backup setup. Go to through other device and log in into your Apple ID. There will be All Devices menu on top on the window and select the intended device. Then, click ‘erase’ device and only to restore from the backup if needed.

3. Using Tenorshare 4uKey

The software is said to be the best on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes. First thing first, the iPhone has to be connected to the computer (Windows or Mac) and remove the password. Second, the matching firmware package has to be downloaded. Last, follow the directory and the program will start to turn the iPhone to its Factory Reset.

4. Using Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner

This version from Tenorshare is recommended to fully erase the data, which can’t be restored by any means. The first step, install the program in the computer (Windows or Mac), launch it then choose full data eraser. Second, type ‘delete’ to confirm the full erase command before the program runs to reset the device.

5. Using iMyFone

The software is another way on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes. iMyFone can be running in Windows or Mac which is safe and untraceable. Once it installed, follow the direction and only choose the exact files that intended to be deleted. Look at the preview to ensure, the reset only to delete those files without touching the others.

Every method on how to reset iPhone 6s without iTunes always recommends to stores a backup data first. Resetting the device will erase everything, including messages, media, apps – in short turn the iPhone 6s to a new one. Either put a backup on iTunes or iCloud, it’s optional as long as the data is stored. Usually, there are things that some people don’t like that are updates, with the update making the required storage space bigger, this can be overcome by How to Delete Updates On iPhone.

5 Reasons Why Filehorse is A Recommendation

5 Reasons Why Filehorse is A Recommendation– Adding new software or application is an easy task yet bothersome at the same time. Moreover, if we can’t find any reliable site to download the software, it will turn disaster. Thus, this Filehorse is the answer regarding any software and application need. Bellow are reasons why anyone has to run to this site:

Why Filehorse is A Recommendation

1. Covering Software Need for Windows and Mac

The crew of FileHorse had hand-picked Windows and Mac software themselves that may be looked for by most. Not only it has all version of the new software but also has the previous ones. It’s going to meet everyone’s need as it is ensured to be secure from any viruses and spyware.

Because the site hosts the files in a dedicated server which would make all the download links are going to work. And also, every software has detail description, review, and even the introduction video.

2. Actively Adding New Software Everyday

For the one who keeps up with the software update, the site is a to-go site, as it is been updated several times every day. The information of the update will always be posted on the Filehorse Facebook page and Twitter. So, anyone can get the update information without directly visiting the site. Another way, there are also RSS feed or email subscription.

3. Best Directory of Online Web Apps Filehorse

The world is moving into cloud saving and many applications are now available on the web. No more download and install for using some program. Just by visiting the site and any task can be done online. But, the problem is finding the right site to perform some task.

This Filehorse is the right choice to turn into because it has developed a directory of web applications. This directory is going to help to find the right program or application without buying or installing. Such a way to save money and disk space.

4. User-Friendly Website

Many software and application website use to be complicated and difficult to use, especially for whom isn’t computer savvy. The web design is clean and modern and has a refreshing vibe. It’s easy to use as the programs are split into categories for easy finding.

The website uses the same technology as used by Google and Facebook that will make fast loading and download. This technology will give the user a good experience of browsing on the web.

5. It’s Free!

What can ones ask for more but free programs? The digital world is moving fast and many renewals could happen in a blink. It’s a costly habit to keep up and paying for those while the trial version usually only has a one-month time frame.

Just come to the website and search the needed program. For the software, choose one either the latest version of the older ones and download the file then install to your computer. It’s easier for web applications. There will be a direct link for the destined web completed with the application’s review.

Filehorse is the place anyone has to come for software and application update. This website provides the latest software updates for the two computer operating system powerhouses, Windows and Mac. Besides, it also provides an application without installation needed by using the browser’s cloud saving.

How to Recover Lost Partition in Windows 10

How to Recover Lost Partition in Windows 10 – It’s a common problem to have partition lost issue in Windows 10. This condition is when you couldn’t see a certain partition. There will be extra unallocated space at the Disk Management, where the original partition should be. Here below is going to give further detail explanation on how to recover lost partition in Windows 10.

Recover Lost Partition in Windows 10 – Find the Reason

Before detailing on how to recover lost partition in Windows 10, you have to know the reason why the partition is lost. The followings are general factors that can be the reason of lost partition, they are:

• System installation. This is surely the user’s mistake because during installation there’s a question to keep the previous partition on hard drive. Choosing NO the partition automatically will get deleted.

• Corrupted. If the computer hosting any improper operation, virus, and/or malware; the partition table may be damaged that leading to partition lost.

• Improper operation. There are some operations that will clean the hard drive, such as commanding CLEAN in Diskpart or you can try Windows 10 Factory Reset Stuck.

• Power outage. A sudden power failure can cause many issues, like partition lost.

• Repartition hard drive. To do repartition, the process will delete all the previous partitions to create the new volume.

• Hard drive bad sector. Containing bad sector in the hard drive can make it empty and when checking the Disk Management it will be shown as unallocated.

• Damaged partition table. All the information of the disk partitions is being saved in the partition table. If it gets damaged, the partition will get affected, in the worst scenario is will disappear.

• Upgrade hard drive. In other words, changing the hard drive which means getting a new one. Of course, the old partition will be gone.

How to Recover Lost Partition in Windows 10 Using CMD

The lost partition is not going to be lost forever and it can be recovered, even using freeware. This is because the Windows recognized the partition, it just can’t be seen. If the reason for the damaged partition table or cleaning the Diskpart, there are 9 steps you can follow on how to recover lost partition in Windows 10 using command prompt:

1. Open Disk Management. Right-click the Start Menu and click Disk Management or using the shortcut by pressing Win+R and type ‘dskmgmt.msc’ then press OK. The deleted partition will be marked as unallocated. For this, you have to remember the partition size.

2. Open Command Prompt, run it as administrator then type ‘Diskpart’ and press Enter.

3. Type ‘list disk’ and press Enter to see all storages disk in the computer.

4. Type ‘select disk #’ then press Enter (replace # with the disk that needs recovering).

5. Type ‘list volume’ and Enter.

6. Type ‘select volume #’, Enter (replace # with the number of the lost partition).

7. Type ‘assign letter =#’ then Enter (replace # with any available drive letter).

8. Close Command Prompt once you see the notice and see if you can access the partition.

If you’re not familiar with Diskpart command, better not to do it without fully knowing the functions. Because some command can delete all the data and partition (e.g. ‘clean’).

Aside from using the command prompt via Diskpart, you can also software on the internet. You only need to type how to recover lost partition in Windows 10, and it (Google) will deliver you to the right path. Read also about 5 Reasons Why Filehorse is A Recommendation which is one of the software provider sites including to recover lost partitions. which is one of the software provider sites including to recover lost partitions. The software may and may not easy-to-use. So, if you’re not familiar with any, read all the instruction carefully or better just ask help.